DJ Celeste (Guest DJ / Producer)

It is said that a person with extensive music training naturally has a great ear and skill for DJing and the proof in this case - is DJ Celeste Lear. Celeste was introduced to DJ culture and the nightlife scene in Los Angeles in the 90s and was inspired thereafter to go into music production and sound engineering and on her own in 2003.

Since then she has received a degree in sound engineering, purchased her own high quality mobile sound system and has set up and performed at countless private parties, fashion shows, nightclubs and weddings across the West Coast.

DJ Celeste Lear craftily mixes everything from Breakbeat to mellow Chillout, Dub and Downtempo to Reggae and prides herself on being able to read a crowd, hone in on the vibe and keep it going.

Visit DJ Celeste: Website