DJ Tree Top (Ambient Guru, Applied Imagination, mix:media, Pixel-8, Unity Project, Zero Effort Network)

On a mission to share the love by playing anything good and fresh. Straight from the jungles of Bolivia, German by the way of South America. Now almost fully absorbed and assimilated into the SoCal Borg Collective. Originally born Mario Paulo Edgar von Borries Bazan, in the metropolis of La Paz, biggest city and seat of the Bolivian government, and the first indigenous President in all of the Americas. Grew up listening to everything from South American folk music to America, Art of Noise, Astrud Gilberto, Beatles, Bread, Black Sabbath, Chaka Khan, Curtis Mayfield, Deep Purple, Donna Summer, Elton John, FleetwoodMac, George Benson, Grand Master Flash, James Brown, Jethro Tull, Kraftwerk, Led Zep, Pink Floyd, Rolling Stones, Santana, Sly Stone, Sugar Hill Gang, Barry White, Yes, etc, etc. Eventually found ambient/downtempo music, IDM, Alpha, Amon Tobin, Bjork, Cabaret Voltaire, Coldcut, Compost, Dj Cam, Dj Food, Dj Shadow, Dj Krush, Dj Vadim, Fila Brazillia, Funki Porcini, Future Sound of London, Jazzanova, Massive Attack, Nightmares On Wax, K7, Ninja Tune, The Orb, Orbital, Peace Orchestra, Portishead, Quantic, Sabres of Paradise, Spring Heel Jack, Tosca, Up Bustle and Out, Z-Trip and endless others. An ever-increasing eclectic musical addiction, first love of vinyl and now more and more in the form of digital downloads.

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