Karma Video (Guest VJ)

Karma Video, VJ from the Midwestern United States, has been a visual instrumentalist since the mid 90s. With a distinct style of visual interpretation of music through linear mixed video, Karma Video has produced visuals at clubs, parties, concerts, bars and random art shows throughout the midwest.  Former electronic music promoter (Off The Hook Productions/Entertainment), John found  his love of electronic music enhanced by non-mainstream visual entertainment.  Karma Video produces his video art by capturing hypnotic repetition in everyday life through the lens of his cameras, adding effects and mixing it live in time to music, as an abstract representation of the music that inspires him.

Here is a recent quote from John on his VJing as an expressive art form: "Some songs when I listen to them, invoke visualizations of panning views of scenery, remembered and imagination embellished minds eye pictures of repetitive motion of ordinary everyday things, like the memory of being mesmerized as a child by the gravel shoulder of the road rushing by in a blur that if I tracked a patch just right I could watch it come and go in focus surrounded by a blur of motion on all sides... That is kind of what I intend to represent with my video art. I view it as a visual interpretation of music via mix video. It only extends visually my love of and for music as an expresive creative medium."

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