Kristina Kova (Guest DJ)

Born and raised in Moscow, Russia, as the daughter of an award winning Jazz musician, Kristina has always had an appreciation for the "stranger" music.

After moving to the US at 18, she was exposed to the world of electronica. While living in Washington DC, she learned of DJs and producers then frequented their parties. Every weekend at Buzz Nation, Kristina was one of the kids dancing maniacally, like it would change the world.

She knew music was her calling then, watching the crowds entranced by the conductor with two needles, all speaking the universal language of music in unison... to Kristina there was no other feeling quite like it.

Having moved around the US, Kristina picked up on many different genres, ultimately realizing that Minimal is her musical passion. Influenced by producers such as Trentemoeller, Lulu Rouge, Kollektiv Turmstrasse etc, Kristina is on a one woman crusade to spread her love of Minimal.

Esoteric frequencies, powerful lyrics, eerie dub, sex, chaos, cacophony; that's Kristina Kova's musical state of mind.

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