DJ Audioptic (Co-Founder / Tripnotic Resident)

Since the age of ten, DJ Audioptic has been mixing and cutting records on turntables -- in his room, at house parties and as he got older, at the club -- living for scratching and destroying the common perception of what a DJ was supposed to look and sound like.

Grandmaster Flash and Dj Jazzy Jeff--to name a few--were Audioptic's musical muses in the 1980s, with Hip-Hop dominating his airwaves. In the mid-1990s he was introduced to Portishead and the Trip-Hop movement, a sound that expanded his musical awareness.

Since then, Audioptic takes inspiration from everything from Public Enemy's Bombsquad to the musical conglomerate known as Massive Attack.

DJ Audioptic has been a resident DJ for the Tripnotic live events and our Podcasts since their inception.

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