Scarlet Monk (Songstress)

Slow, deliberate, robust and raw. Sober yet intoxicating, honest and electric. Laden with genre-defying elements that lend from spirits spanning from the womb of opera, through the heart of jazz, between the boundaries of chant and tinged with acoustic trip hop. Scarlet Monk is a brilliant new beauty mark on the face of a tired music scene.

Pure art is the forum whenever she ascends the stage. Her words come from her heart and find a home in yours. Ushered by a sensory message that doesn?t stop at her words, her performances immerse you in an alternate reality full of poetry and lacking in law. It?s not just a stage show, it?s theater: this siren calls you from the nucleus of a mind boggling display featuring experimental dancers, a four-piece band, and a slew of groundbreaking guest collaborators.

Striving to introduce you to something you?ve never seen before, they provoke your curiosity and challenge your understanding. You?ll certainly be drawn in, and if you don?t exercise caution, you might get hurt. Flailing limbs and piercing sounds, boundless emotions and heartfelt words. It has to be seen to be fully understood and appreciated.

Journey through a range of emotions. Prepare your senses to be indulged. Go to a Scarlet Monk show and be amazed, download the music and get involved.

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