Captain Admiral (Collective)

The musical journey of Captain Admiral's members; Jordan Dudenhoeffer, Chase Seely, and Kalin Mckelvey, as a whole began on Halloween night of 2009.

Being Immensely inspired by psychedelic masters Shpongle, Carbon Based Lifeforms, and many other musicians of the electronic community, Captain Admiral conjures together multiple genres of music. Including, but not limited to; downtempo, psybient, trance, trip hop and a wide array of ethnic undertones.

Their first release "The Basilica" set the path for their nonstop saga of creative musical entertainment, followed by 9 other releases in less than 3 years.

This electronic trio based out of San Diego, has performed at, Perish's Studio 69 many times as well as the grand opening of Rolling Stone Magazine's Club in Los Angeles. In addition, Captain Admiral also performed at the epic Coachella Music Festival of 2011.

They have spent the last 4 months in San Diego working on their latest release "Rituality", which thus far has been an internet success. As they continue to grow and broaden their experiences the musical adventure of Captain Admiral follows.

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