Irene Merring (Songstress)

Hearkening back to the days when music poured from the heart, Irene Merring combines her powerful voice, attitude, flare, and exotic sex-appeal with a tortured songwriting style reminiscent of her influences Kurt Cobain and Robert Smith of The Cure. Her songs evoke emotion and thought, rebelling against the current culture of mindless reality tv and slanderous social-networking that have diminished appreciation for true artistic icons. Showing incredible intuition for underground music, Irene balances that with melodic sensibilities still compelling to the masses. What's created is a sound that seductively pulls at you from multiple directions.

Born in Queens, NY, even as a young winner of pageants and talent competitions, Irene has always shown great amounts of raw and unique talent. Poised and precocious, she stood out from the crowd because she was unafraid to speak her mind and be herself. This gave her the edge and experience to come out on top, landing her a spot at Berklee College of Music, a nomination from the Boston Music Awards, and backup singing gigs with top stars such as Mariah Carey.

In 2010, Irene found her niche working with RVRS:PLAY, who, coming from Industrial, Drum & Bass, and Downtempo genres, infused the singer/songwriter with gritty synthetics. Finding common ground in their love for 90's Grunge, the pair's nearly psychic connection led to a set of songs that sits slightly left of centre from the mainstream. This new alternative artist entices you to take the journey with her through darkness.

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