Nova Jade (Guest DJ / Musician)

DJ Nova Jade* is probably the only Award-Winning Black, Lesbian and Jewish DJ in the world, and her taste in music is just as eclectic and substantially diverse.  With over two decades of musical performance and production experience, she has composed an original, hour-long dance-opera that featured 30 dancers, has rocked on stage with live-bands as both a DJ and vocalist, and has been in collaboration with live-painting projects that were created to her on-the-spot DJ sets.  By the same token, DJ Nova Jade* has headlined music festivals, been featured on radio shows, has pumped up fitness centers and has helped create vibes at down-to-earth house parties, too. She has DJ'd nationally and abroad and has hosted a podcast since July 2006 that quickly gathered a worldwide audience. If you google "djnovajade", you'll find even more mixes on the web, as she literally has recorded almost all of her sets since she made DJing a profession in 2003.

Nova* is where the music begins and ends.  Whether she's playing uptempo beats or chilled out downtempo grooves, Ms. Jade* aims to create a vibe to remember with each set.

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