ThirdEyeFX (Founder)

ThirdEyeFX is a producer, emcee, DJ and visual artist. He is also the host of the Tripnotic Downtempo Podcast which has a dedicated worldwide listenership. A long time Hip Hop listener and musician, ThirdEyeFX began his adventures into the sounds of Trip Hop when he borrowed LPs of Portishead's "Dummy" and Massive Attack's "Protection" from Audioptic in the Mid-Nineties. Soon after he was inspired to produce Trip Hop using a friends MPC, Soundedit, and Cubase. In 1996, he first used the name "Tripnotic" (combining Hypnotic + Trip Hop) as a title for a cassette that he gave to twelve of his closest friends. The following year, he gave his friends a CD called "Food for thought" that had four 20 minute mixes named "Appetizer", "Main Course", "Dessert", and "Tomorrow's leftovers". During the summer of 2010, ThirdEyeFX founded Tripnotic Downtempo Lounge (a weekly event dedicated to Trip Hop and Downtempo) with the help of Audioptic.