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Bobo from Texas: I'm a huge fan and am so happy to see a new podcast. Keep them coming. I also hit the PayPal in appreciation.

Bones from Anaheim: Massive Attack!

renecogo from Freiburg/Germany: Fantastic, supertripnotic .fm!

Lisa H. from Hell A: I love the Tripnotic podcast because Oren told me to. And I do whatever Oren says.

Adam from Lawrence: Hate to continue the broken record here, but come on guys... Podcasts... podcasts.

Andi w. from Cheltenham: I found this site a few months back and downloaded the first podcast. Then downloaded them all the next day. Then played them everyday at work since. Absolutley loving the music. Would LOVE more!

Esneeky from Lincoln Heights: So its like NOVEMBER.... whats up with DTLA!?

Mark F.: Must..have..more..episodes!

Evelyn J. from PHONEIX : I am really enjoying the theme/design of your weblog. Do you ever run into any web browser compatibility problems? A few of my blog readers have complained about my blog not operating correctly in Explorer but looks great in Chrome. Do you have any ideas to help fix this issue?

Scott M. from Melbourne, Oz: Awesome sounds - having withdrawal - need more tripnotic !

nicole from San Diego: cant wait for the next podcast. love you guys!

andy b. from United Kingdom: listening for about a year now-lovely stuff-keep to with the shiztitzz from berrylamds, surrey england-nice!

Len H. from Portland: Just discovered your station. Great music, love it. Reminds me of Justin Frankel's Internet radio station back in the late '90s.

Areg B. from Amsterdam: I came across your podcast by accident and WHOA!!! I've gone through six episodes so far and I am SOLD! You're playing amazing music & it's put together so tastefully, with great attention to detail and quality. I'm so appreciative. Thank you!!! A former Angeleno, I haven't missed anything about LA yet since moving away in '09. Imagining your Thu nights make me nostalgic, though. Next time I'm in town, this will be my very first stop! Come to Amsterdam for a gig, maybe for ADE 2012 or 2013? :)

Oren S. from Pasadena: Your playlists are dope!

nicole h. from San Marcos: what happened to the podcasts?

Rob B.: We all want a weekly mix! come on guys!!

Tim R. from Aspen, CO: the jan '12 p'cast tears it up, can't get enough, again i ask for a weekly fix, c'mon man!!

Leo D. from Henderson: Was told to hit you up about spinning at your event. I am a magician dj from Las Vegas.

Jerry F. from Germany: This episode is so fire it is ridiculous. Keep the hits coming. If you are ever out my way, let me know and I will set if off the Tripnotic Crew. Peace and much respect from Europe!

Oren S. from San Marino: Tripnotic is pure awesome sauce

Rob from Portsmouth UK: About time! - A decent propa Trip Hop Hub...Thankyou and Hi from the UK.

Britt H. from San Francisco: Stumbled across Tripnotic a few months back and it looks like I've been sleeping on a great podcast. Truly great selections of classic downtempo cuts with pretty solid mixes. Have enjoyed the listens many a time over. Thanks.

Eric S. from Porter Ranch, CA: Gentlemen, the BeatloungeMusic broadcast was terrific! Can't wait till the next one!

janis B. from Australia: love - every podcast is great - have my favourites but still listen to them all - bring it on every week!!!

Dave H. from London: Excellent mix. Thanks for the tunes.

Gavin T. from Cape Girardeau, Missouri: Wow, just tripped onto your podcast and I am gobsmacked. Great job... awesome music and mix. Thanks for sharing your hard work.

leonardo p. from Santa Clarita: i hope to make it some thursday night out to santa monica, this podcast is amazing! thanks for this site everyone!

Monique T. from Anaheim: I LOVE trip hop, downtempo, ambient music. Its all I listen to. Been looking for a spot that plays the music, excited to finally go this thurs!

Stevie from Germany: This info is the cat's pjaaams!

Bret B. from Santa Clarita, California: Love Tripnotic - had a great time and they're completely accommodating. I threw my sisters going away party there and called them 2 days before and totally hooked it up. And everyone that had came and never been before loved it.

Amdrew P. from JingAn, China: Am in China, love the podcasts, been blasting out ur casts to all those that will listen! Love em, keep em going as its the calm within all the noise here. Peace and out!

Lance J. from San Diego: I Love Tripnotic podcasts! Listen in the car and at work all day. Great music! Keep it up!

Isadora M. from Port Hueneme: Love, love, love Tripnotic Lounge!

Mark F. from Malta: Keep this stuff up lads! As laid back as can be :D

Jerry F. from Germany: I hope you enjoyed Full Crate! He is one of the hottest DJs in the Netherlands. I love his mix; definitley hard in the paint!

Jerry F. from Germany: So there I Amsterdam, Hetherlands and the DJ mixes in Bjork and Massive Attack so hard that I had to ask where he got those tunes. The DJ said, "There is a podcast on iTunes called Tripnotic Downtempo Lounge that he got the idea from. We worldwide, Son. Keep doing what it do, y'all! I love it. Great work.

Shannan D. from Rancho Palos Verdes: first time 2NITE

Tim R. from Aspen CO: lucky podcast #13 tore it up -- reflected the gold in the turning aspens on my mtn bike ride today...spin on

Irene M. from Los Angeles: So happy that there is a party that pays homage to 1 of the most amazing types of music that has thankfully been preserved amongst all other genres that have been compromised! :-)

Tyler from US Navy: If it weren't for Tripnotic, none of my homework would ever get done :) Keep my head distracted!

Kat from San Pedro: See ya tonight

Jerry F. from Frankelbach, Germany: Episode 12 is the hottest addition to the fire you put out previously. Keep it up. We are pushing it hard in the paint here in Europe. More Tripnotic, more fire...

Nicolas M. from Sydney: Guys, thanks for keeping it real. You are the definitive destination for all things triphop and downtempo. I wait for your new podcast like a kid for his Xmas presents!

kevin c. from ventura: Cant wait to come mix for you guys!!! see you next thursday!!!

Daniel J.: in joy

misty b. from Los Angeles: My friend and I were here last Thursday and we loved it! Very chill and relaxed environment love the mix! Such a cool vibe

Nova J. from Los Angeles: Had a great time last week... this week, I'll be back with another buddy. Then week after, looking forward to throwing down. :-) Cheers!

Brett B. from Santa Clarita: Awesome club, super chill and relaxed place to go - sit down and have a few drinks. Music's not so loud that you have to yell - you can have a normal conversation there and just unwind. Music is awesome same with the podcasts. Make them weekly, come on... what you waiting for?

Eric S. from Santa Clarita: Great music, great people.

Christina P. from Los Angeles: You guys are amazing! Very unique place to chiiiilll

Mike R. from Washington DC: Much love from the right hand coast. The podcasts are sublime. Weekly would be bliss. Im inspired.

René A. from Germany: Weekly podcast would b nice. I love your Podcasts! Greetz from Germany

Irina from Berkeley: I agree with Ksenia, I would love to have a podcast every week. Love the May set


Mogwai: Looking forward to this tonight. steady chill

David G. from San Antonio: Great mix.

Ray from Downey: Keep'em coming.. Great selection! Good Job!

Riley W. from Los Angeles: Woah! Perfect!! Get used to my name, cause I'll be there every week! =)

Shane S.: Enjoying the tunes from the south coast of the UK-nice heads up Chambers !

Xina from LA: Ohh boo...don't hate on detroit techno...but yaa tripnotic is soo good! there is nothing quite like it!

Christian: You guys are Killing it each and every month! Keep it up!!!

all f. from Hangzhou: It's arrived. Jah Bless.

evil9 from ljubljana: woooowoooop

Michael C. from Los Angeles: I went to Tripnotic for the first time last night, and it was amazing! You definitely have to do a weekly podcast!

Jerry F.: We are pushing it hard here in Germany. Keep the podcasts enhanced and the groove hot fire! Prague, Czech Republic is next for me and Tripnotic will be with me. Worldwide Respect. One!

Scotty: I'm so sick of Detroit Techno scene and all of the lilly white egos - very glad that Tripnotic exists!!!!

Astrida from Pristina/Kosovo: Ive been looking so long for something like this..if ever visiting santa monica this is the first place ill be going to!

Matthew C. from Los Angeles: I think I've finally found my music scene... Looking forward to chilling at the lounge tomorrow after work!

Chris from Buffalo : Hooked on Tripnotic! A weekly podcast would be great but I'll take the once a month.

Melinda D. from Los Angeles: LOVE, LOVE, LOVE what you guys are doing!! From the start I have been hungry to have a new podcast a week...although I do very much appreciate having one a month.

Dan B. from Opulent Discovery Park: I love the vibe. Love the venue. In the spirit of keeping things chill ... no worries if the podcast is monthly.

Elias P. from Pico Rivera: A refreshing change to the current zeitgeist in Los Angeles. Your presence brings a much needed different expansion to the music experience here. Thank u.

Jennifer from Los Angeles: Love listening to your podcasts at work. Another yes for weekly instead of monthly!

travis: Podcast?? Weekly fo sho!!!!! Hourly!!! Minutely!!! Secondly!!!!

Jason P. from Huntington Park: WEEKLY PODCASTS!!! Even better, DAILY PODCASTS!

Beans from los angeles: Portishead got me here!!! Stand up LA!

MissLoulou: Great show! Love it and yes I would like to hear a new podcast weekly!

Roy A. from Los Angeles: Tripnotic is essential to survival in a world that is as chaotic and oppressive as ours. Love ALL the artist you spin and the poetic way in which they are spun. Thank the Gods for you! ®y

Patrick L. from Riverside: brilliant stuff. weekly podcasts!!!

vanessa from Redondo Beach: just love it


John E. from Westlake Village: Awesome show...and yes, weekly podcasts are a must. I would even pay!

ian d. from culver city: for sure, there needs to be weekly podcasts!!!

Freddy from Santa Monica: Lovin' it. Downtempo Nirvana!

dougal from tujunga: thank you

Robert A. from Redondo Beach: Come on out! This crew is legit and you'll never find anything else like this in the LA area! Tip the bartenders well and look for the people who helped make this happen. They will surely take care of you! :)

Synthetrix from Los Angeles: synthetrix dot com

Riggins T. from Aspen: groovin in the mountains...fresh spinnin gets me up the hill

Jason P. from Los Angeles: Tripnotic is my sanctuary and your tunes liberate my mind... Thank you for your podcasts!

Remedy A. from Los Angeles: Loven the grooves you give

Richard H. from Kirkland: Amazing music, it blows me away! please keep it up, I'll try and be there in person this Thursday!

Dave G. from Newport Beach: Another solid cast. Good stuff!

Manuel L. from Whittier: I love your podcasts.GREATNESS!

Lukasz: Great podcast, keep it going!

Boyder C.: Keep the podcast going!! great to hear well spun sets, wish I lived on the W. Coast!! Really, outstanding quality

James H. from Hangzhou: Great tunes...baohaus is a babe too.

DjarumSmokes from inglewood: I think I might try this place out, saw an ad on facebook clicked it and saw a few artist I like, definitely worth a try once.

Mono A.: I like it here

Sam E.: Brilliant way to get your weekend started...!

Day C.: Loved everything about this place and the podcasts are amazing.

Walter D. from Los Angeles: one of the best things to do in LA on thurs. My First visit is tonight! see you there!

LotusStyle from Irvine, CA: Anything with Bonobo or Emancipator has my attention. Great job guys.

Lisa B. from Los Angeles: Might have to show up here tonight after the philharmonic...sick juxtaposition

Saul G.: Nice spot in Santa Monica. The thing to do on Thurs. nights.

colin h.: luv!! this podcast! redikkkly""good! I also would love to hear some James Blake in the mix. but a sic sic sic

Ofer from Los Angeles: Had an awesome time at the lounge last night! I was there to celebrate my birthday with a bunch of friends.

Rachel G. from Redondo Beach: hey

Travis C. from CT: Yet another reason that pisses me off that I moved back to the East Coast. Love the tunes. Thanks

Manuel L. from Whittier: I love the music. Great podcasts!

Roxsand D. from W. Los Angeles: im planning on celebrating my bday here on the 17th. this will be my first time as well but based on the podcasts and what i have heard so far... IM EXCITED!!!

druemitchell from Orange County: found out about this through the facebook add! WOW, this is so dope already rocked 2 podcasts and hope to come peep the live night next week!

Billy W. from Blenheim: Trippy Beatz

Jean R.: I LOOOOOOOOOVE your podcasts, THANK YOU ! Can anyone tell me what song / who is the band/singer at the end of podcast #1 (from minute 50 to 53) Her voice is soooo amazing !

Mandy H.: Please please put more podcasts up. I'm from the UK so can't come to your night, but i luuuuurve the sounds xxx

Rob C. from West Hollywood: Great sounds. Looks like this'll be a cool, chill hang :)

Dubbs D.: More trip Hop

Michael W. from Wilmington: yaaaaah.....I was beginning to wonder if I would ever find a place to play all this great music.. Finally somebody caught the vision....MW

Lisette S. from Los Angeles: This is great!!!

Michael G.: Can't wait!

Ofer from Los Angeles: I love it! I'm a transplant from Detroit and have been searching for a good place that plays that kind of music. Brings back the good old days of Big Sonic Heaven from back in Detroit.

Ryan W.: YES!

Aris from Los Angeles / Paris: The Podcasts are really amazing. Great vibes, thank you guys for these quality mixes. Please, keep doing a great job !

Daniel B. from Los Angeles: Tripnotic- The event that's better than what you're doing Thursday night.

Catherine: Tripnotic is just awesome! Trip-hop 4-eva!!!

Charli M.: i wanna be HERE!!! i'm coming :)

Kathy G.: Love most of the artist on your site specially portishead

Jeff S. from Havasu-Seattle-L.A.: Hell yeah!!!!

Gonzalo W. from Seattle, WA: Can't wait to finally back in my home town (LA) and visit you guys in May

Aaron B.: I simply have MAD adoration for Ruby.

Jayme B. from Chico: love your grooves

Green J. from Buena Park: I Love your Music! :)

betty b.: luvin it"""""""

Erin R. from Los Angeles: Thanks for existing, Tripnotic! Everything from the podcast to the lounge makes life a little more groovy. It makes me very happy to know that places like this exist.

Landlouper from Glendale: Allright, fellas, let's GOOOOOOOO!

Lisa J. from Las Vegas: ~*~

Craig R. from Sherman Oaks: See ya there

Tonya from Marina del Rey: Looking forward to seeing you guys on Thursday, Dennis! That vinly set a couple weeks ago was monster. Can't wait to see what delightfulness we get blessed with this week!

Dwight M. from LBC: Oi como vai! musica ta bomba!!

Mandy H. from LOUGHBOROUGH: What a find, I love your show, finally some decent music without having to keep changing my own CD's :) Thanks guys, I love it Love and Light Mandy UK

Tory J.: Love that you're in my neighborhood!

P&D: You have no idea how long I've waited for someone to open a place specializing in downtempo goodness. I love the fact that you BUMP the music too instead of making it background noise. Respect!

Adam Z.: Can't wait to finally go to this place!

Tonya from Marina del Rey: I'm a huge fan of the lounge scene. I'm from Atlanta and have been missing that social element since moving here. This event deliciously fills that void for me. The music is perfect. The vibe sublime. Tripnotic is an excellent segue into the weekend. A perfect way to put aside the troubles of the world for a few hours and just chill.

Rob S. from Venice: Love the playlists and dig the vibe. Well done, Dennis - see you guys Thursday! Such a forward thinking spot - think you'll see the Lounge trend growing again, you guys do it right.

Lori U. from Simi Valley: Please let me know about all of the shows ..thank You

florence m.: My favorite music right now!

Robert A. from Oxnard, CA: Hey Dennis and the Tripnotic Crew! Finally! A place in LA where I can call home - my ears love you and the vibe is absolutely stunning! First class lounging experience and I look forward to seeing an expansion of this incredible speakeasy. Everyone, sign up to the e-mail list and look out for the passwords. You'll be happy you did! Looking forward to meeting you all sooner than later! :)

Sergio M. from irvine: Love you folks. The best ever. Keep up with the good music. I learn a lot with you.


Richard J. from Venice: Great music at a great location!!!

massivedynamic from Los Angeles: the new spot is the perfect accompaniment to the music - dark mysterious soothing seductive....

Ricky J. from Los Angeles: Love the podcast and can't wait to check out The Room!!

Wendy B. from Santa Ana: Coffee, music, traffic. Perfect time for a dose of the Tripnotic Downtempo Lounge podcast to compliment my fresh cup of coffee. Traffic can be a good thing when Tripnotic's podcast in kickin' it thru my speakers.

Valerie S. from Long Beach: From enjoying for 4 years the trip hop of Bristol and having as neighbors Massive Attack in 1998.... well.... it will do me good to listen to the Bristolian trip hop vibes that are so mighty and profound! Respect Jintala

Marlynn J. from on the East Coast: I love the concept & the music. I wish I were in Santa Monica every Thursday night! I will be there when traveling over to the West Coast. Much Respect & Support! =)

carlos n. from costa mesa: tripnotic is the very def. of cool

Ana K. from Tampa: There should be a Tripnotic Club in every city of the world!

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